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Social responsibility and corporate sustainability report 2015

Glossary and Abbreviations


Stakeholder Engagement A process, which helps the Company to understand stakeholder interests, expectations and concerns, to engage stakeholders in the Company activities and the decision-making process, taking into account their concerns.
Stakeholder Dialogue An interactive communication between the Company and its stakeholders, performed on a voluntary basis, so that the interests and motives of the parties involved are updated.
Uniform Energy System of Russia (UES of Russia) A complex of production facilities and other property items of the electric power industry interconnected by a unified production process, including the combined generation of electric and thermal power, and electricity transmission under the centralised operational dispatch control.
Uniform National (All- Russia) Electric Grid (UNEG) A major part of the UES of Russia, a complex of electric grids and other grid facilities that ensure a sustainable electricity supply to consumers, the wholesale electricity market performance, and a parallel operation of the UES of Russia and the electric power systems of other countries.
Stakeholder In a broad sense, is a group of individuals and legal entities that can affect or be affected by the Company’s activities. In a strict sense, stakeholders are public and local authorities, commercial entities, public and non-profit organisations, whose attitudes and actions towards the Company are of public nature and focused on the protection of socially significant and group interests.
Key Performance Indicator (KPI) An integrated performance indicator of the Company, a structural unit or a certain official that reflects the achievement of the target for the relevant target period.
Company Public Joint Stock Company “Federal Grid Company of Unified Energy System”, PJSC FGC UES
Sustainability context The Company’s understanding of the sustainable development, its characteristics and goals at the industry, local, regional and/or global level, the degree of the Company’s impact within the corresponding geographic context, as well as the influence of the main sustainability issues on the Company’s long-term strategy, risks and opportunities.
Corporate social responsibility, CSR A regularly updated set of commitments that corresponds to the Company’s specifics and the development level and is developed voluntarily with the participation of key stakeholders, and is aimed at implementing the internal and external social programmes that contribute to the Company’s development (increase in output, improvement in service quality, development of corporate brand), improving its image, as well as extending the constructive stakeholder relations.
Reliability of power supply An uninterrupted electricity supply to all consumers as needed and of proper quality.
Autumn-winter period A period of maximum consumption of electricity and thermal energy at low outside temperatures.
Power supply reliability control A set of management activities and mechanisms aimed to orginise, control and improve the operation processes, operational control, repairs and renovation of the UNEG facilities, and to train employees in the above areas of the Company activities.
Sustainable development Such a development, which meets the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations.
  • AAPCS – Automated Process Control System
  • BBSA – Behaviour-based safety audit
  • BRELL – Belarus, Russia, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania
  • CAPEX – Capital expenditures
  • CEO – Chief Executive Officer
  • CBETL – Cross-border Electricity Transmission Line
  • CHPP – Combined Heat and Power Plant
  • CIGRE – Council on Large Electric Systems
  • CIS – The Commonwealth of Independent States
  • CIS EPC – CIS Electric Power Council
  • CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility
  • DOCC – Department of Operational Control & Compliance
  • EMS – Environmental Management System
  • ESUPCN – Energy System’s Unified Process Communications Network
  • EITA – Electricity Industry Tariff Agreement
  • FAS – Federal Anti-Monopoly Service
  • GCC – Grid Control Centre
  • GDP – Gross Domestic Product
  • GDR – Global Depository Receipt
  • GMS – General Meeting of Shareholders
  • GRI – Global Reporting Initiative
  • HPP – Hydro Power Plant
  • HIFs – Hazardous Industrial Facilities
  • HR – Human Recourses
  • HVL – High Voltage Line
  • IFRS – International Financial Reporting Standards
  • IDGC – Inter-regional Distribution Grid Company
  • ICS – Internal Control System
  • IEA – Internal Environmental Audit
  • IPS – Integrated Power System
  • IUCN – International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources
  • JSC – Joint Stock Company
  • KPI – Key Performance Indicator
  • LED – Light Emitted Diode
  • LLC – Limited Liability Company
  • MES – Backbone Electric Grid
  • MICEX – Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange
  • MPEI – National Research University Moscow Power Engineering Institute
  • MSAC – Mobile Situational and Analytical Centre
  • NGO – Non-Governmental Organisation
  • NGPP – Non-Governmental Pension Program
  • NPP – Nuclear Power Plant
  • ODG – Operational Dispatch Group
  • OHL – Overhead Line
  • OPEX – Operating expenditures
  • RAS – Russian Accounting Standards
  • PJSC – Public Joint Stock Company
  • PMES – Backbone Electric Grid Enterprise
  • PSCC – Power Supply Control Centre
  • PSPP – Pumped Storage Power Plant
  • PTL – Power Transmission Line
  • R&D – Research and Development
  • RAB – Regulatory Asset Base
  • ROIC – Return on Invested Capital
  • RUIE – Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs
  • SAWC – Special Assessment of Working Conditions
  • SD – Sustainable Development
  • SME – Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
  • SS – Substation
  • TC – Technological Connection
  • TCB – Trichlorobiphenyl
  • TPP – Thermal Power Plant
  • TSR – Total Shareholder Return
  • UES – Unified Energy System
  • UNEG – Unified National Electric Grid
  • VAT – Value Added Tax
  • XLPE cable – Cable with cross-linked polyethylene insulation
  • WECM – Wholesale Electricity and Capacity Market
  • WWF – World Wide Fund for Nature (World Wildlife Fund)
  • G4-4 – number of GRI indicator

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