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Social responsibility and corporate sustainability report 2015

Ethics in Governance

From the Code of Corporate Ethics of Federal Grid Company

“We continuously strive to improve the quality of electricity supply to consumers and for this purpose actively introduce the advanced technology and equipment. In the context of the innovative development of the country, the Unified National Electric Grid is gradually transferred to a new level – in format of a smart electric grid, providing reliable, high-quality and effective interaction of consumers and producers of electricity”

Code of Corporate Ethics

The Code of Corporate Ethics (the Code) is the fundamental document that lays the foundations of Federal Grid Company’s corporate culture.

According to the Code, the strategic priorities of Federal Grid Company are:

  • Reliability
  • Innovations
  • Efficiency

The Code of Corporate Ethics is available on the corporate website and web portal. It is published in other corporate media and placed on stands in the offices of the Company’s executive team and branches. In addition, a printed copy of the Code was handed out to each employee of the Company. G4-56

The full text of the Code of Corporate Ethics is available on the website of the Company at http://www.fsk-ees.ru/eng/investors/corporate_governance/corporate_documents.

The Company subsidiaries also share the principles set forth in the Federal Grid’s Code of Corporate Ethics. During 2015, Codes of Corporate Ethics of IT Energy Service LLC and JSC CIUS UES were drafted based on the Federal Grid’s Code.

Values and Principles in Governance

Federal Grid Company’s value ring shows how strategic goals (outer circle) are achieved with the help of corporate values (inner circle), with a key role being played by the Company’s employees.


People are the Company’s greatest asset. Uninterrupted power supply for the regions, important companies, cities and towns depends on the wellcoordinated, conscientious and, if need be, selfless work of the Company’s employees. Therefore, the Company values each employee, regardless of age, gender, nationality and position, providing equal opportunities for successful work, professional development and career growth. We also maintain the continuity of generations, ensuring the transfer of professional knowledge and traditions from longserving staff members to young employees.


The Company’s ticket to success is constant renovation, the ability to develop and implement new technologies. Federal Grid requires each employee not only to meet the qualification requirements at the time of employment, but also to strive towards constant development.


Federal Grid Company is a unified team focused on a common goal. Our purpose is to be a unified network. The Company strives to complete all tasks clearly, on time and with no more than economically justifiable costs.


The nature of the Company’s business imposes high requirements to employee professionalism that is why we approach the matter of forming our staff with particular attention. Providing everyone with equal opportunities to prove themselves, we encourage those who are the best, creating conditions for their career growth.


Each employee has a responsible attitude toward performing his/her duties. The Company strives to provide its employees with fair wages, an attractive benefits package and safe and comfortable working conditions.


Trust in colleagues and confidence in their professionalism, fairness and openness allows us to deal successfully with our tasks and enhances our authority in the eyes of partners and consumers. The fact that the coordination and development of the Unified National Electric Grid in Russia has been entrusted to Federal Grid is an evidence of a strong confidence in the Company on the part of society and the Government. We value our reputation and strive to maintain and improve it through day-to-day reliable and high quality work.

Observance of employee rights

In its engagement with employees, Federal Grid Company tries to adhere to the highest ethical standards.

The Company has a Central Commission for Compliance with Corporate Ethic Standards and Conflict of Interest Resolution.

Details about tools to ensure ethical governance are available in the CSR Report for 2014, page 43.

Helpline G4-57

Since 2010, a helpline has operated in Federal Grid Company for reporting corruption of Company employees. The phone number for such calls is 8 (495) 620-16-17. Information can also be communicated by e-mail to the e-mail address deb@fsk-ees.ru. All calls and e-mails received are investigated. If unlawful practices are confirmed, administrative measures are taken against guilty persons, and materials of internal investigations are transferred to law enforcement bodies.

In addition, to prevent unlawful practices, a set of measures is implemented aimed at improving security level of automated control and accounting systems.

Grievance and Complaints Procedures G4-58

Federal grid Company appreciates its customers and strives to improve the quality of customer service. To ensure transparency, improve IT support, effectiveness and control of the process of technological connection, Federal Grid Company has developed and approved a Procedure for filing and handling grievances (complaints) about unlawful acts (omissions) of Federal Grid employees when providing technological connection of power receivers to UNEG.

In accordance with the above document, if a division responsible for technological connection violates provisions of a Standard “Procedure for disclosing information about technological connection of power receivers to UNEG” or any other regulatory act governing relationships of Federal Grid Company and a person involved in technological connection process, an applicant is entitled to file a grievance for unlawful acts (omissions) of Federal Grid employees in the course of technological connection.

For convenience of applicant, a grievance form has been developed, which has to be filled and sent to Federal Grid Company at the address: B. Nikolovorobinsky per., h. 9/11, building 1-4, Moscow, 109028.

A grievance is sent by a registered letter with return receipt or by any other method allowing to confirm the date of grievance receipt by Federal Grid Company.

Grievances (complaints) shall be considered within 15 working days from the date of receipt. If desired, an applicant may take part in the consideration of his/her claim.

Following the consideration of complaint, Federal Grid will send a written response by mail or other communication channels stated in the claim sent to the Company (fax, e-mail).

If Federal Grid Company sends no response to the person concerned within 15 days, the complainant may file the claim with the government regulatory agencies.

Details about tools to ensure ethical governance are available in the CSR Report for 2014, page 43.

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